What we dream and WANT-

Love,Happiness and what we can look beyond the horizon.

"Hey,can you see ?"

"Let's be the secret of our three"

Three merry men and three me and three men be we (16c's prov)

What did you dream and hope for?

My artworks are pictures(scenes)of journey to find them.




1961 Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture


Graduated from Midorigaoka High School Graduated from Rikkyo University Department of English and American Literature


Exhibited for the first time at a contemporary children's art exhibition. Received the Modern Children's Picture Association Award Encouragement Award, Governor of Tokyo Award, Minister of Education Award, and many others


Makimachi Gallery, Tokyo Yaesuguchi Ginza Bungeishunju Gallery, “Poetry and Fairytale” Illustration Competition Art Collection House Exhibition Proba Grand Prize Exhibition 数 多 く Many Awards Fujisawa Shonan Gallery Four-Person Exhibition (Hideo, Konomi, Riusuke)


World Exhibition of Fantastic Art ア ー ト (Hideo, Mi, Riusuke)


Hiratsuka City Museum of Art, Ginza Art Hall, Kobe Art Hall, Chigasaki Citizen Gallery Yonago Satie ・ Fukuoka Ailef “Konomi and Two People Exhibition” (organized by Fukuoka Citizen Group)


Otsuka Shokai と Covers monthly OA information. (One year period)


Solo Exhibition at Yokohama Gallery K, Solo Exhibition at Tokyo Gallery Story


It becomes Honda Giken calendar. Exhibited at the Showakai exhibition Solo exhibition at Sannomiya Sanpal Civic Gallery @ (sponsored by Kobe City) Solo exhibition at Ginza Sairindo Gallery


Eriko Watanabe 300 "Garden" poster is used as a poster. Kobe Art Hall Solo Exhibition (sponsored by Hyogo Prefecture) Received the Yujun Prize at the JRA Horse Exhibition and won the Northern Earth Exhibition


Rokko Sky Villa Hotel Whole Building Rie Collection Hitotsubashi Gallery, Fujisawa Odakyu Showakai Exhibition Exhibition Ashiya Gallery Mirte Opening Memorial Exhibition, Utsunomiya Tobu, Kashiwa Sogo, Urawa Isetan, Fuchu Isetan, Ashiya Gallery Mirte "Riu and Rie Exhibition" May Ikebukuro TO-BU・ August Isetan Matsudo Store February Ginza Bungei Shunju Gallery ・ Ikebukuro TOBU Department Store ・ Isetan Urawa Store `` Joyful Friends Exhibition ''


Shin-Yokohama Prince Pepe, Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Kichijoji Liberte Gallery Chigasaki City Museum of Art (Fancy Walking Exhibition)


ART & DECO Ikebukuro TO-BU, Hotel Okura Kobe, Ikebukuro TO-BU Solo Exhibition Showakai Exhibition, Tsujido Kitene, Tokyo Station Daimaru Department Store, Solo Exhibition, Ikebukuro TO-BU Solo Exhibition


2008 Harajuku @ Gallery Refle Exhibition October 2008-February 2009


September 2009 Aoyama Sogetsu Hall Operetta “Red Apple” starring Etsuko Ichihara Stage background and exhibition


September 2009 Kamakura @ Gallery YU September 2009 Ginza @ Bungeishunju Gallery October 2009 Chigasaki Citizen Gallery


June 2010 Humming Hall, Higashiyamato City


November 2010 Chigasaki Citizen Gallery


May 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster relief charity exhibition: Tokyo Ebisu, Gallery, Mar


June 2011 Fujisawa Café Restaurant “Potopi” Local Workplace for the Mentally Disabled


20116.7 Chigasaki Artists Association Exhibition @ Chigasaki Art Museum


September 10, 2011 Shonan Central Hospital (Fujisawa Tsujido)


October 2011 Exhibition at Ginza Pegunma-chan's house in Maebashi, Gunma


October 30, 2011 Opening an atelier in Nanko with everyone


November 2011 Chigasaki @ Huskys Gallery


April 2012 Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza 1F Lobby Special Gallery Konomi and Sato's Balloon Trip: Drawing Balloons on the Piano


October, 2012 Exhibition at Maebashi City Mini Gallery Chiyoda, Ginza Pugunma-chan House


October 30, 2012 Opening atelier with Nanko everyone


February 2013 Exhibition at Ginza Pegunma-chan House


March / April 2013 Ginno Hoshino Balloon Travel Exhibition @ Tsujido Shonan Central Hospital, Fujisawa


June to October 2014 Ito Izu Ikeda 20th Century Museum `` Rie Kono's Balloon Trip ''


November-December 2014 Maebashi Fantastic Symphony


April 2-14, 2015 Gallery Cedar (Sun) Akita City Rie Kono's balloon exhibition


March and April 2016 Ginno Hoshino Balloon Travel Exhibition @ Tsujido Shonan Central Hospital, Fujisawa City


January 2017 Isetan Fuchu store


April to June 2017 @ Ocean Promenade Gallery




Honda Giken Calendar Toyama Bank Calendar ENEOS Calendar Nissin Oilio 清 2012 Calendar


Katsuhisa Hattori Music Field Piano Best Selection CD Otsuka Shokai と It will be the cover of monthly OA information. (One year period)


Collection of Sanrio's art book Catalunni's holiday


Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus & Niiza Campus, Chigasaki Nishihama Junior High School, Rokko Sky Villa HOTEL @ Japanese Tobacco Ikeda 20th Century Museum